TEKS Securities and Investments Standards Alignment

Texas publishes TEKS for Securities and Investments (§130.184) as part of their CTE standards. These standards align with a fusion of topics from our Accounting, Management, Personal Finance, and Investing libraries of activities.

In addition to these stand-alone activities, we also offer a complete “Investing 101” course, which has proven to be a popular addition to Securities and Investments classes throughout Texas.

Activity Type Key:

Interactive Calculators
Comprehensice Tools
Includes Built-In Assessment

Standard Activity Activity Type
The student describes laws and regulations in order to manage personal and business operations and transactions in the securities and investments industry. Understanding the role of accountants in business and society
What is a Stock?
What is an ETF?
What is a Mutual Fund?
What is a Bond?
What is a Brokerage?
The student describes investment analysis and selection processes. Stock Game
Basic Investing Strategies
How to diversify a portfolio
How to choose and compare stocks
What is an Income Statement?
What is a Balance Sheet?
What is a Cash Flow Statement?
Investment Research Tool
Financial Analysis Through Key Ratios
Asset Valuation
The student identifies investments. Asset Valuation
Financial Analysis Through Key Ratios
Operating Ratios
Investment Return Calculator
Net Present Value Calculator
What is a Mutual Fund?
What is a Bond?
Stock Game
Investment Research Tool
The student understands security and investment operations. What is a Brokerage?
The student explores security and investment licensing and certification programs. Certifications for the Finance Industry
Career Center
The student understands investments and their relationships to the economy. What is a Brokerage?
Understanding Price Movements
Understanding Margin Trading