Investing Lesson Plans

investing-lesson-plans-150x150Teaching about investing in your class? We have you covered! Check out our collection of investing lesson plans, divided up by age group, with great ways to incorporate the stock game into the lessons!

Investing Lesson Plans For Elementary School And Up

Buy A Bond, James!

Source: EconEdLink

Description: This is a basic lesson plan talking about what savings bonds are, how the government uses revenue from bonds, and why it might be a good way to start saving as early as possible

Using this simulator: We have more resources on Bonds available in our Education Center, but you can also give your students a great interactive assignment by using our Compound Interest Calculator or Saving to be a Millionaire Calculator to show how important it is to start saving early.

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Saving And Investing

Source: Practical Money Skills For Life

Description: This lesson plan is an introduction to what investment is, and some basic vocabulary like “financial risk” and “rate of return”. The lesson seeks to help students understand that different savings options exist and can have a large affect on their rate of return.

Using this simulator: Have your students read basic articles about Stocks, or play with personal finance calculators, like our Millionaire Calculator, that help show how different rates of return can add up big over time.

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Investing Lesson Plans For Middle School And Up

Developing A Financial Investment Portfolio

Source: EconEdLink, by Mickey Ebert

Description: Students love nothing more than putting things off, and thinking about their own personal finances are no exception. To get them thinking about it in a whole new light, this lesson plan has your students act as a Financial Adviser to 3 different types of people, and trying to find the best savings and investment plan to fit their individual needs.

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Investing Lesson Plans For High School And Up

The NYSE Made Easy

Source: EconEdLink, by Matthew Wolfe

Description: This is a condensed primer on various stock market concepts, with more information about reading stock quotes. It also includes a short stock project.

Using this simulator: You can use our Quotes page for students to get a lot more market news and do more research on any stock they choose, all in one place! There are dozens of other research tools, including detailed quote information (like bid and ask), interactive stock charts, historical prices, and a whole lot more.

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The Five Stages Of Investing

Source: EconEdLink, by Melissa Smith

Description: There are dozens of ways to save an invest, most of them involve balancing the risks and returns of each investment vehicle. This lesson plan is designed to help high school students decide what balance they would like to work with as they prepare for their own future personal finances

Using this simulator:  While its easy to see how to invest in Stocks and Mutual Funds, students can also branch out into ETFs specializing in commodities and bonds. Best yet, all cash they have not invested acts like it is in a Money Market savings account, and earns 3% interest. While working through this lesson, it can be great to talk about all the ways students can balance their portfolio, and even see how the markets affect their decisions over the course of the class!

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Understanding And Analyzing An Income Statement

Source: EconEdLink, by Mike Fladlien

Description: Once students have an idea what investing means, this resource will walk through the steps at actually looking at company’s public information to decide whether or not it might be a good thing to invest in, and how to tell companies apart using some very simple reports.

Using this simulator: Everything covered in this lesson plan is present in our Quotes page, including the income statements and balance sheets of just about every publicly traded company in the United States. Have your students take a look at the balance sheets of companies they invest in their portfolios, and write a few sentences about why they think what they see makes that company a stronger or weaker investment!

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Here’s Your Chance To Make Millions In The Stock Market

Source: EconEdLink, by William Trainor

Description: This is the “Here’s Your Chance To Make Your Millions In The Stock Market!” series of lesson plans. This will walk your students through why it is hard to make, or lose, money in the stock market in the long term, showing that while investing can be risky, it can be the best way to build savings in the long run.

Using this simulator: At each step in each of the lessons, students can perform almost every activity in their portfolio. Additionally, we have our “How To Become A Millionaire” calculator, which students can use to see exactly what rate of return they need to achieve to reach their goals!

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